Carry Out

SINCE 1981

Colonial House of Sandwiches on Garth Road was created in 1981  In 2013 I purchased it only by the gifting of God.  My husband worked there two years prior to purchase.  The previous owner was going to school to be a Minisiter.  Upon his completion his church offered him a position therfore making it time to sell.  Backing up in time a little, Robert was growning more in his walk while being mentored.  We really felt like God's hand was on this business and on us.  When approached to buy the business.we immediately reached out and received one loan denial and then was directed to a christian banker with a small bank.  We provided them the packet and were immediately approved.   And even better news.  God blessed us and Robert received his ministers license shortly there after.  We strongly believe that Colonial House of Sandwiches is in God's plan for us to feed his people.  And to use this facility to bless others.

We have heard many stories on how Mr. Woe strived for freshness and how great his recipes were.  These are two things that we insist on.  We accept nothing less then fresh and maintain the quality of standard.  And yes, we still serve the original recipes and have added many more.  We've tried to maintain the old mom and pop feel as we want everyone to feel welcome and eat healthy.  
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LaWanda Weiss, Owner

Robert Weiss,